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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
These discussions come up over and over again. gotta love the predictable poly world... it's the shit that no one can figure out that gets me... like mono/poly relationships! GAUD, if anyone figures that shit out I will personally come over and bow down to you, for you will be my hero!!
Wouldn't it be boring if we didn't have the discussions/disagreements/dissent?

Although dialing it back about 40% would be fine with me...

It's interesting to see how different people learn new information... Some read for hours, and end up with the intellectual understandings. Others jump in and ask questions.. with no the important questions get buried in a stack of trivial questions. A combination of the two is best...

I'll bet we've got people who just watch and read... but never feel confident enough to ask... I wonder what their questions would be.

(okay, I can't tell if I've had too much or not enough coffee... but I'd better head to work.) Have a good day all!!
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