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Reference the comment " I suppose it all comes down to whether - for you - being polyamorous means having/wanting more than one lover, or being in/wanting to be in a polyamorous relationship". (I'll figure out the quote tool later!) In my case this definitely means I am in a polyamorous relationship.

It has nothing to do with wanting anything other than to love her. I didn't fall in love with polyamory (I can barely wrap my head around it LOL); I fell in love with her. Her being polyamorous gave me the opportunity though! So I honour the love style for sure.

She could have been in any type of love style and even...dare I say it..monogamous and I would have fallen in love with her. It was my immediate trust in her that was the basis for our profound connection. I wouldn't change a thing..because this works. It challenges us and makes us communicate. Something I lost during a long marriage. I really don't care what it is called. I call it incredibly natural.

Thanks for the great discussions around this topic! I respect the points of view brought forth by each of you

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