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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Was there any indication that he was interested in seeing if he will grow to love you? Or is certain that its always going to be a like... if the latter is true, then is that it for you?
To be honest, it's my first relationship I ever had and maybe I see some things imaturely. I have felt alot of pain in my life (bad childhood, bad experiences such as being bullied etc). I really need someone that will care about me and love me as much as I do. I know that he will need some time to love me, but I guess I can wait. But during that time I can not have sex with him, as long as I know he doesn't love me but he is only attracted, and I dont really know if he can cope with all of this. I had sex with him once but we could not continue because even if he was gentle with me, I knew that he did not love me and that made me feel hurt...

And that's why I am trying to explain to him that it is possible to love two people at once. You see my professor actually cares about me ,in a parental way maybe, but he cares. I know it ...I can feel it...even if he doesnt feel the exact same feelings I feel about him. You see what my boyfriend is not able to give me now, I receive it from my professor (emotional love) and what my professor is not able to give me now I receive it from my boyfriend but it not the same because there is no's not there. I care about my boyfriend very much but he doesnt feel love...i feel that he doesnt care that much...and that hurts..alot

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