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Originally Posted by beautifulthings View Post
So the privacy thing. (I don't want to clog the board with lots of threads so I'll ask here.) I imagine there's others who for various reasons need to keep your intimate lives private.

Is there any advice you would offer to navigate something like that? Both in terms of meeting people and in terms of later stages in relationship. Space apart public meetings with separate people or plan for different times of day? Discuss in private publicly workable labels that everyone is comfortable with? Accept the possibility of stretching truth sometimes (as in calling a secondary lover a friend provided secondary is fully accepting of that)?
That is tough, everyone who isn't out would struggle with this. I do to a certain extent because its a small city and I have lived here a while and do lots of stuff around town. I have run into all kinds of people that are in different areas of my life that I would prefer didn't know about my private life. Mono and I usually pretend that we are friends if it is really awkward.
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