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What a warm welcome, thank you!

Originally Posted by booklady
If someone identifies as monogamous, they may not be willing to take the leap from casual dating to maintaining actual relationships with multiple people, or be willing to accept you pursuing them.
Aha yes I can see that. They may be selecting for a single partner. At this point I'm single anyway, and more just looking at the possibility of identifying as poly with my next partner, whether or not it is the person I referred to above.

Yup, there's definitely the potential for people to discriminate against you if you are openly poly. It's not a protected "orientation" like being gay so if you're fired, evicted, or lose custody over it, you may have an uphill battle overcoming any discrimination. That being said, this is not the experience everywhere in the world, depends on where you're from and what the laws are. I don't intend to be all "heavy" about it, many people live openly poly with no issue. There are stories out there about employers and the courts using the poly lifestyle as a reason to deem someone unfit, but you would have to perhaps do some research to see what poly issues, if any, came up in your area.
Wow, yeeps. Not surprised though.

That's something to consider then. I wonder how easy it is to create multiple connections in a private way.

More on my question about commitment. I guess I've wondered whether I have an underlying fear of getting hurt through monogamy and have looked at poly as an answer to that. Even though honestly, I feel secure in myself to be comfortable (enough, most of the time ) with a partner connecting with someone else.

I guess I am just not quite sure I have no motivation to pursue this lifestyle around avoiding pain. I know, though, that poly isn't actually a viable solution as far as that goes

Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion
you could search for bible belt as you're not alone in that part of the world in seeking poly and being unsure of the risks and attitudes involved.
Fantastic! Already feel less alone knowing this, thank you

Originally Posted by redpepper
When you look at the Myers Briggs results you will see that many are the same type.
Hmm. I/ENFP???

Of course you can't really ask for Myers Brigg results before asking someone out.
Testament to my geeky roots - I've actually done that!

Quite the opposite, its almost frowned upon to tell a potential partner that you are seeing someone as well as them... not poly, everyone knows and is on the same page together even if they don't spend time together.
Right, and that's been one of the things that's pulled me toward poly. Why not be up front about what we're doing. Sounds like it could backfire though.

===Love the vibe here ===
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