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Why not, instead, help to enlighten the polyamory "community" about the perspectives and needs of single folk? As a rule, the poly folk I've interacted with are quite open-minded and open-hearted. Maybe the single poly folk need to get a good deal more vocal and active within poly-circles?
Well, that's kind of the trouble with marginalization. People tend to be very open-minded as individuals, but when together as a group, it's harder to make room for those differences. I am and have been very vocal about the issues within community groups, but generally find that when space isn't provided for them, they tend to get set aside for the things that are more relevant to the dominant culture. Or people assume that I'm asking for advice or help when all I'm asking for is space and understanding. (this is really true for anybody who's experienced marginalization in any type of group). It just gets plain exhausting after a while if people aren't open to it. But hey, it hasn't stopped me in the past and probably won't for a while. Besides, isn't that what I'm kinda doing by starting this thread?

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