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Originally Posted by Monoconfused View Post
this is my frustration too. I never stop thinking about this. It consumes me. I don't like that she wants someone else. I am making her miserable because I can't let it alone. Its always there staring me in the face.
we are humans... BUT there is an primal side to us to.... To me... you feel as your mate is being toyed with by another male. And what do two male animals do to protect the breeding right... they kick eachothers ass. Now im not saying human's need to do this... but the instinct is still there. Just as it is with two female animals... concerning someone trying to take their babies.
You and her are the main core to the family. if the two of you are not happy... then how in the world would it work if someone else were to come in.

if it makes you this unhappy.. it wont work.

my husband and I both sit down before we ever consider a lady in that way... and talk it out...then after we talk about it.. we bring the lady in and talk about it some more for a good long time. that way.. noone's hit with it all at once. Everybody know's where everybody stands on it all..BEFORE anything is ever done. But thats just how WE roll... everyone is diffrent.
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