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I think you know what you want and are determined to not let anything get in the way of that. Good for you. Sure you could hang out and enjoy his company, but it sounds like you know that you will be looking for a mono person to share your life with and that it would eventually end. Why waste your time and spend your time with them when you could find something that works for you entirely.

I think you are better off thinking of yourself before you become too involved. It sounds like they are hurting in more ways than one and that is too bad, I feel for them, but it isn't up to you to save the day or make it right for them. They need to work on what is going on for them and other areas of their life on their own time. You can listen and support by being a friend just as easily... that might be better for them in the long run anyway...

All these hard emotions sometimes make us "think" we are in love with someone, when really we are just feeling like crap and being with someone we like makes us feel good. Good enough to think we love them... I would let them go and just be friends... who knows, that could change, but for now, stand by your decision.
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