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Originally Posted by Monoconfused View Post
I feel like I am losing a part of myself. I am concerned that we are to this point where only one of us can be happy, either she loses him and she is miserable or she has him and I am miserable.
Originally Posted by Monoconfused View Post
Her happiness is worth my sacrifice but I feel like I am falling apart. I want to make this right but I don't know if I can without crushing myself in the process.
Man.....I know exactly how that feels. I can say that I have been in your position and it has gotten better. Two months is not long at all; it took many months for me to even begin to accept it. Hang in there.....

Redevil, it really sounds like he is trying as hard as he can! Such a radical change takes time to accept. If you can show him appreciation for his efforts it may help.
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