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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
I've stopped crying. Mr. A is moving, somewhere, at some point in the near future. Most likely option right now is about 2hrs away.
...2 hour is a short jaunt. Its an easy task. To put the distance into a perspective. For me to go shopping in the city is a 2 hour trip. Distance can hold its own romance. It holds a lot of power in communication etc.

Besides wouldn't it be romantic if he one day just landed on your lawn Now he has a reason too haha

So I'm working on the things I can control. I can mourn the relationship I'd hoped for and work towards making this new one fulfilling in different ways. I can effectively communicate my needs to him. I can move our computer to a more private location so that video chats will be possible. I already know there's a bus that runs regularly to the most likely place he'll be.
Look into a pass of some kind. Makes the trip more inviting and less daunting. Greyhound usually has 10 or 20 ticket passes that save a crap load of money.

Its...65$ round trip to vancouver
I pay 30$ because I buy a pass

Might make the distance feel less daunting.

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