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It's actually just the sex. He touches me all the time. He snuggles me in bed. He rubs my feet when we're watching tv, holds my hand in the car...

And at any rate, he saw how unhappy I was and told me to tell him. So, I did.

As it turns out, it created a reaction in our GF that opened a whole NEW can of worms. Well, sort of...

Then today, when already still figuring out how he felt about a comment she made regarding him - when she thought he couldn't hear - she dropped a bombshell on us - and probably hasn't a clue about it.

There are no poly counselors where we live, and it's irrelevant anyway because financially it's not currently an option. Our insurance is terrible, she doesn't have any until October. It's just not something we can afford at the present time, but it certainly something I've considered for later.

At any rate... the drama with her is a much bigger issue than my feeling hurt because he didn't want sex with me for 12 days.

Also, I agree with you on the whole concept of needing to feel like I can talk to either of them about anything. Right now, I'm not sure there will be an issue because I'm just not sure how real she is.

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