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Smile Hello From Kentucky

Hello to all of my. Im new to the Poly community. Recently my wife and I had some very honest and open discussions about things we wanted. She feels that she wants to bring another woman into our life. At first i immediatly thought of just the sexual aspect. But it is more then that and the more I read the threads and learn of the community the more wonderful and beautiful I believe it is. I have always wanted a large family. I also love the fact that my wife loves women as much as I do. I know it cant be easy to find a good person that fits to make a Triad but we want to try. We have no desire to be swingers or just "fool" around. Anyone can do that.. We want another someone to love.. to share our life and raise our children. Someone to grow old with and share this journey of life with. Thats what I love about Poly.. Its not going to be easy to find like minded people where we live at in eastern kentucky so thats why we are reaching out to the online community. I look forward to getting to know you all.
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