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Sorry to hear this news. Some folks take monogamism pretty seriously.

After I used the term "monogamism," just now, I googled the term. And then I checked online dictionaries ... and the term is not yet in common usage.

Heterosexism is now included in the American Heritage Dictionary, Merriam-Webster's, and others, but only a few years ago it was not -- and so may be the case with "monogamism," ...

–noun a prejudiced attitude or discriminatory practices against non-monogamists and polyamorists .

Racists, sexists, heterosexists and monogamism-ists all believe that their kind is superior to any others -- and often the other kinds are considered "immoral, wrong, evil" ... "disgusting".... Certainly inferior.

Redpepper can be consoled by the fact that the monogamists are equally as wrong as the sexists and the racists, etc. Let her stand strong and say so with those who are ignorant of the facts.
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