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thanks for pointing out the Myers Briggs thread SC.

I am one point into E with the MB test. Both of my men are Introverts. Hm, Derby I don't know. I think she might be an Introvert too. Leo is an Introvert also. As is my ex wife.

I tend to be attracted to Introverts. I like that they remind me of the side of myself. Besides, when I come home from being energized by being social there is a whole host of home bodies to come home to more energizing when I get home.

I cannot be alone for long. I shrivel up and die inside. I am working on that, but I have some big time abandonment issues around it and really just get very scared when I am left alone too long.

On the other hand I am not good with a big crowd all clammering to talk, like at a big party. I like to go and just watch people. I try to talk to others but become overwhelmed and shut down. I think people think I am snobby or judgmental when I do that, but I don't really know... they tend to walk away and avoid me so that is why I have that idea... some try and invite me into a conversation but I usually end up leaving thinking I have failed in some disastrous way.

The only time I leave a social situation feeling like I have not failed is when I meet with people one on one or in a small group actually... hmmm...

thanks for this... it has given me some insight on myself that I had not processed before.. I appreciate that.
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