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no problem about the hijack, Im happy this thread served for other people to be able to express themselves...

As for my case.. poly discussion is off for the moment, I decided its not really the moment, we've been going through a lot, also moving to a new place and other changes in life. I felt for the moment it would be inapropriate and just selfish, so better wait a bit.

But I did have some good talks with her in general, about insecurities, about trying to enjoy each moment more, valuing each other, as well as about her dominance aspects, which she did express being sorry and promissed she will try to change.

Also our sex life last week picked up a little momentum again, which was a plus.

So overall as you can see it has gotten better in the relationship sense in general, but poly subject is still at hold. It keeps being in the back of my mind, and I am really curious how it would be to be able to be with someone else, share love with other people who would appreciate and all that. So now its on hold but I dont think its going away anymore

Of course as our human minds work, if Im honest, I can see there is some sexual energy behind, wanting to be with others, fantasizing and so on. But I really really think its not just this, that its not something that would be 'solved' with sex but that I deeply feel like sharing life with other beautiful souls out there.. In fact, its almost as if it feels like NOT being poly would be a waste for the world haha

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