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Default Looking for love in all the wrong places.

Hi everyone!

I am new to this forum.

My Boyfriend and I of 10 years have had an awful time of trying to find a like minded female to join us for quite awhile now. It seems to be very hard to live this sort of lifestyle on the down low, which is necessary for us, and be able to meet anyone. Especially in such a small, and small minded, town. We have been taken advantage of, lied to and ended up in obnoxious drama, none of this we want.

I am hoping to be able to talk to like minded individuals and get advice on how to go about our life style correctly, as opposed to just winging it and hoping for the best anymore. We want to share our lives with another woman, we just cant seem to find her. =(

I look forward to any pointers any one may have.

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