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Default not sure what to do

My wife of 7 years has recently found a boyfriend. I Guess I shouldn't be surprised, her parents had a Poly relationship too. I was raised in a very traditional household and with traditional values. She has been open and honest with me from the beginning as her relationship developed from someone who she wanted to have a 3 way with, to a possible second sexual partner to lover very quickly, in the matter of about 2 weeks. She says that she needs him to be happy, and on some level I understand that you can love someone else. But I don't like it. She says that when she has us both she feels complete and comfy in her own skin for the first time in a very long time. Only now I feel broken. I wont tell her she can't have what makes her happy but I don't think that I can be happy if she continues down this road. I guess even though I understand how someone can love two people I just had always hoped that it would never happen to me. I feel like I am losing a part of myself. I am concerned that we are to this point where only one of us can be happy, either she loses him and she is miserable or she has him and I am miserable.
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