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I was just telling Maca that you both impress me,
all three really-but I was specifically talking about you and Charlie.

My grandfather was one of those types, quiet, happy and no one knew why he was happy, but it was because he knew in himself that he did his best.
I know that because just before he died, he told me so. He did his best, and sometimes it wasn't good enough to accomplish whatever needed done, but it was ok, because it was his best effort.

He didn't have to live a life regretting each and every failure (which there were plenty), because he knew he gave life his all.

It sounds to me like you three have a great thing going, specifically the fact that you are all promoting one another becoming the best version of yourselves. That's AWESOME!

So much more envigorating to read about than great sex, is great love.
*to me*
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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