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I encourage you to check out my blog "which way to turn" under the blog section on this forum.

Our begining was very similar and I had very similar feelings and fears.

What worked for me was telling Karma exactly how I felt, If I was angry at that point, I told him, if I was grieving what we were, I told him, if I was having trust issues over the lies and betrayal, well he heard about that too.

I found things to distract me. I started knitting, I got a part time job, I blogged and journaled like a mad woman.

Allow yourself to feel whatever you feel, but don't get stuck there.

I made a list of my needs. One of the biggest was I needed to be able to pull back if things got to be to much. They both agreed, at there was a time I had to. I thought I was okay with her sleeping over, but I wasn't. Seeing them together hurt. But one of my needs was to see it. I didn't want anymore secrets or hiding.

Eventualy, as time healed my wounds and Karma and I healed our marriage I became much more okay with things.

Don't rush, but don't stand still either.
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