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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post

The problem I have with large groups is not with a 'comfort' level but with an inability to concentrate with a big volume of background noise/activity. And maybe that's where the 'draining' component comes in - trying to absorb all the stuff from multiple directions.
I'm the type that attempts to be fully present in a conversation, trying to get the full range of expressed communication. Tone, body language, hidden (or fuzzy) meanings etc. Too many distractions make this difficult. Add to that, if I pick up something interesting going on in another conversation that peaks my interest, I want 'in' on that (focus). Now I'm caught between being rude (not present in the 1st conversation) and pulled away from what may be a more interesting or relative conversation. So my poor brain starts oscillating -bing/bong, bing/bong. Net result - I end up losing much/most from BOTH ! I've always questioned that humans can TRULY multi-task with anything that requires or deserves real focus. Not convinced it's possible.
This is me to a T! After an especially hard day at work, it's not uncommon for me to ask Indigo to wait before telling me about his day. I want to focus on what he says, but simply can't and so I need him to wait so he gets the attention he deserves.

I'm often mistaken for an extrovert because I am lively with the right group of friends. However it's extremely draining for me and I definitely need my recharge time.
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