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Yes, he knew that I live with my parents. It's not that I desperately want them to stay over, I can understand how that would be uncomfortable (I really only suggested it because I worry about them driving back so late) I'm sad that he won't meet my parents though. I go out and help him on his parents' farm. We've even had a couple of game nights with his parents.

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But what's putting up the red flag for me is agreeing to the date, and now saying no. Did something change? Does he feel uncomfortable about meeting your ppl? Are there deeper issues here that need addressing? Or is he just unwilling to be inconvenienced and potentially have to forego sex for one night in order to make you happy and reassure your parents?
Although I think part of it could be nervousness about meeting my people, I really feel like it's mostly about wanting to have sex. I think I should clarify though: he and I have spent a lot of time together, not having sex. I know that's not all I am to him. I think it's the newness of the threesome that's influencing this. When we're all together, he really wants it. As for what changed his mind...I think it could have something to do with our conversation online yesterday afternoon. We were all using our webcams, lol, and things got a bit hot and heavy. I think that got the wheels turning, ya know. Although I don't think it's really a good excuse. You're right, I feel like he should be able to forego sex for a night. If he would just occasionally come here, I think I'd feel less like I was the one making all the compromises here. And just meeting him once would put my parents at ease. As far as they know, I could have made him up, lol.

XYZ, I think you're right too...
Don't let the relationship start off with one person calling all the shots and one person sacrificing more than others. If it bothers you now, think how much harder it will get as time goes on if this pattern continues.
I don't want to start complaining so early in this new relationship, but on the other hand, I feel like I should be honest with them about how I feel. It's all about communication, right?
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