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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
A lot of this is how people view certain words and the meanings we attach to them.
This is a great point and observation Indie !

This topic has come up here (and other places) many times before and I hope it keeps coming up because it's so critical.
It's really a culture thing. Every 'unit' (family, neighborhood, profession,geo area etc) develops it's own somewhat unique culture and understanding of language within it. And as the world grows smaller and we find ourselves interacting with more people from different cultures, this is critical to keep in mind. It's important to pause and say "can you give me your definition of that" more often that we usually do. We plow ahead, 'assuming' we're speaking the same language and the result all to often is that we hit a division where, in reality, there should have been none ! We walk away from this division when if we'd have only dug below the surface, we may have been pulled together.

Nothing is ever simple it seems..................

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