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Default Yeah, ok, hi. :-)

Hello all. Doing the obligatory first post this is who I am thing. I'm from the east coast, sail (duh) amongst other things. Married more or less happily for 21 years. I've always liked the idea of my wife having sex with "others" as a form of kink. Encouraged her in her explorations. She's had several partners, and I haven't had any problems with it.

Now she's found someone she actually cares about, and finds the poly lifestyle much more fulfilling. I like him, and he and I share a lot of common interests, so he and I have a friendship more or less separate from her. But they have their own time. She goes and spends the night a couple times a week, and now Jay (jealousy) is raising his ugly head. I don't understand it, and I sure don't like it. She's very supportive and helpful, but doesn't have direct experience. This is all complicated by the fact that it only bothers me when I'm in emotional turmoil for some other reason (she and I have a fight, for example, or, much more commonly, work is making me insanely stressed). When "I'm good," I miss her, but it's not a "problem" for me.

Hoping to find some insight here...
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