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Default Following the energy

So I went to look for my blog on here, only to realize I never started one! So here goes...

The last few months have been great, not that they haven't had their ups and downs. I met someone new, let's call her Erica. We met at a play party, my husband introduced me to her. She and I played together with my husband, it was really fun. I tied her down and she caused him a great deal of pain, which he thoroughly enjoyed. I also discovered how unsadistic I am... The whole time, I could feel him hurting, and I just wanted to scoop him up and make it all better, meanwhile he was having the time of his life, being pushed right to the edge.

After playtime, we all went outside for a chat (well, they went outside for a smoke, and since I don't smoke, I came along for the chat). That was when she mentioned how rare it is for her to connect with a guy at all, and that she's what she calls "homoflexible". At the end of the party, we made plans to all go for coffee, which we did later that week. At coffee, she hinted that she would be interested in seeing me alone, and I was interested. We made plans to go to the art gallery the next weekend.

After the art gallery, we went for coffee again and had a great conversation. We talked about how when we meet new people, we like to just let the energy flow and see if anything develops on its own, as opposed to trying to intentionally steer relationships in a particular direction. Our conversation flowed really easily, even though she confessed that she was pretty nervous. I'm somewhat surprised that I wasn't more nervous, as I tend to be really shy around girls, but I guess I just feel comfortable with her. We talked about everything... family life, relationships, work stuff, school stuff, kink stuff...

She spent a lot of time talking about the problems she's been having with her somewhat-estranged-partner, who's suffering from depression and hasn't really spoken to her in 4 months. She doesn't want to just let her go because they have a great connection, but she needed some sign of commitment and intention to work on things from the partner, because she was uncomfortable having it just hanging in the air. They've been together for 4 years, but because of her partner's depression, their relationship has been very strained for the past year or so.

Anyway, I'm really excited to see where this takes us. We have plans to go out again, it really seems like we have a connection. Definitely on the same wavelength in terms of lifestyle and relationship style.
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