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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Polys in Court - week 4 - Professor Todd Shackleford testimony

Summary of transcript of testimony on Dec 15,2010.

Professor Shackeford's points:

1. while Prof Henrich has summarized various correlations and apparent consequences, negative correlations and apparent consequences can be seen in any kind of mating or marriage structure

2. causation and correlation are separate issues and cannot be assumed because of the implications of any third variable that may be present without your knowledge - for instance if you measured the consumption of ice cream and the number of drownings in a particular area you might find that as people eat more ice cream there is an increase in the frequency of drownings but people aren't drowning because they ate too much ice cream. An increase in temperature encourages people to buy more ice cream and also to do more swimming.
I really liked that 2nd point. Looking forward to seeing what happened after xmas.
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