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Default Jealousy


I know you may have done this already but search for jealousy on the forum. It comes up a lot and people have written some really helpful stuff.

You wrote that you really want to overcome your feelings of jealousy. It's been my experience that I don't overcome jealousy (or other strong negative emotion, like grief or anger) in the sense that I master it and then never feel that way again.

I have to feel those miserable, painful feelings over and over again, I have to acknowledge the rage, jealousy, lack of worth - that those things are part of me. I have to fully feel that jealousy so I can acknowledge it, and then start to understand it. This doesn't mean that I accept that my jealousy is true or right. The vast majority of the time I have no reason to be jealous or angry. But feeling it fully, acknowledging it's existence as part of my self, is the beginning of figuring out what is actually going on in my cluttered head.

This is hard to do, and it friggin' sucks. I fail a lot.

I wish you the best of luck in figuring out what's going on in your head!
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