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The following is a recording from a live panel discussion held in Nov a few days before the Reference case started.

Questions asked in order are as follows:

-Even if people are living together and there’s no sex involved, can they still be charged under the polygamy law?
-Has that law ever been used to charge anyone living in that situation? Or a polyamorous situation?
-So how can a law get written to protect polyamorous relationships but prevent the abuse of polygamous relationships?
-Presuming that the law is written and polyamorous relationships are recognized underneath the law, is the next step to then look for benefits for multiple partners? What is the ultimate goal of the polyamorous community?
-How do you overcome issues with jealousy and possessiveness in your relationships?
-What is compersion?
-Anyone who has kids, is this something that you thought about before you became poly? And how do you deal with it on a day to day basis?
-What do you think is the best family shape for relationships and polyamory is? What are the good building blocks to start with if you want to have a polyamorous relationship, or any relationship?
-Is polyamory for everyone? What should someone who wants to explore a poly relationship keep in mind about some of the social constructions surrounding love and relationships?
-Do you have any property rights issues around polyamorous relationships?
-[Personal story, sharing of concerns from an audience member]
-How did poly come into your life? Is this growing, poly in the mainstream? Are nay of you guys sleeping together?
-How would you distinguish poly from swinging?
-How do you deal with your partners interacting?
-Has polyamory changed the way you feel about sex? How?
-How do your polyamorous relationships play in with your family relationships? What do you do at holidays?
-How do you deal with marriage?
-What is the difference between envy and jealousy?
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