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Originally Posted by thesavageprincess View Post
We want a triad, okay. And we don't want to be open in him dating one woman and I other I'm not comfortable with that. I want to be there when I'm future husband is touching another woman... That's what I wanted in the first place... THIS IS NOT WHAT SHE WANTS.
Well apparently, you didn't want it with her, either. Your first post stated that he moved her in without asking you first. Then you stated:
Originally Posted by thesavageprincess View Post
I was not attracted to her.
Perhaps your fiance fell in love with her, but it seems that you expected her to be your sex toy, even though you were not attracted to her and she was not attracted to you. Now you're mad at them. Why did you go along with it? Obviously, your fiance has problems respecting you and communicating with you, but you are also being a bit unrealistic. If you do a search for "triad" here, you will read lots about how they work. The people involved do not always feel the same way toward each other, and it seems difficult -- or impossible -- to expect that.
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