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Originally Posted by thesavageprincess View Post
Thanks for the threads, I bookmarked them so when I work tonight I have something to keep my mind off the fact they will be alone together and quite possibly most likely be having sex. I hope this is not the case. And no this isn't just about sex. And yes he loves her which is making this all so hard. Today they were cuddling on the floor in the living room and I got upset. He told me to calm down. Wtf. Idk but if you were any type of good man you would stand behind your future wife and be asking all sorts of questions and wanting a discussion on where to take the next step. I'm in limbo and have no idea what to say.
So are they breaking up or aren't they? You say "she wants out". Obviously her actions say otherwise.

This is fucked up and I'm not sure what to make of it, so far.

It would be super-grooovy if the other two people were here to give their sides of the story because something doesn't jibe.
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