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Originally Posted by thesavageprincess View Post
Look. John is my fiancÚ, she would never ask john to leave me nor would he ever. He said no matter what in the end its me and him. I'm protecting my relationship. And I have every right to. And no she is not committed to him. If she was she would not have the option to leave in her mind. She wants to leave. She does not want to continue a relationship after she has moved. She wants out. She does not want to have to share her significant other with another woman. So y would I continue on wanting to share my man with her.
yup, time to say good bye. She could be a cowgirl... wanting to take your man away from you so she can have him all to herself.

The effort might be in convincing your man of this... he undoubtedly will miss the sex, but he is getting that elsewhere so what's the biggy? Or does he love her?

I still suggest that you read the threads I suggested as they might help next time he decides to move a lover in... his doing that has had an effect on you it seems... it seems to of depleted your sense of worth and your confidence that you are an appealing person to others... why? because he didn't consider you in his ideas about what he wants. He didn't respect your position in your dynamic. Not good ethics if you ask me. Take a read and see what you think. If you don't agree, then so be it. Everyone has a right to their opinion and thoughts on the matter.
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