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Okay here is the situation. She came here for him, but john assured me that we would all get along and It would work. John and I had agreed that we would find someone that we both could enjoy. Everything was fine, so I thought. She ultimately is not attracted to me cause of my weight. She has only stayed here for as long as she has cause she does not want to hurt my bf. Sex has been separate as of late, I did not want a polygamy type relationship. I wanted a gf to cuddle with, kiss and be intimate with. But she don't want me that way. I feel like it is unfair that he gets to reap the benefits of a relationship that we originally talked about in the beginning. Btw john and I have had relationships with other women all of which showed me affection. Except for lenore. She recently stated she doesn't want to be in a relationship with 2 ppl. And would rather continue her future in a monogamous relationship with a man. I could tell she was a bisexual that favored men more. Myself I like being with men and women equally and held monogamous relationships with both. So my thinking is... If she wants out, y would she think its okay or I would be okay with the fact that they could have sex when I'm working 11-7am. she is not committing to him, I am. I'm the one who is staying, I want this relationship, not her. So I feel that I should have that right to say no, they can't have sex with out me.
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