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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Hi Lovinhim,

I guess I'm more like you (furniture/spot) and yet I understand the feeling of those who view a space differently. As mono mentioned, there is an 'energy' that gets released into an area that can make it special. For me/us we feel adding to that energy is actually erotic. It doesn't detract from it. But that's us.

You say a bed is just a piece of furniture to you, yet you say that you like the erotic energy that gets released into it. So I don't think that the bed really IS "just furniture" to you - you just LIKE it when you have sex with your other partners in it. That is exactly the same principle as when people DON'T want to bring in other partners, but it is the opposite manifestation. If the bed were "just furniture" to you, then you wouldn't have anything to say at all about "erotic energy" being associated with it, one way or another.
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