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Jodi,I read this as, she doesn't want him to keep sleeping with his g/f after g/f moves out and her b/f is saying he can't abide by that.

About a year ago, Wendigo wrote us a letter stating that he needed to focus on Pretty Lady and that he and PL thought my relationship with Wolf might need more attention as well. He made it clear that they weren't breaking up with us, but that he thought it might be best if we only had sex when the four of us were together until things were on track again in our primary relationships. This was extremely difficult for me as I wanted to respect his/her/ their wishes but have always had a hard time controlling how my body reacts to his very presence. Ultimately, this lasted about a month and a half, but I was proud of myself because I let him be the one to approach me about going back to being intimate w/o out everyone there.

So, thesavageprincess, my two cents is that if he really loves you and is committed to you, he'll respect your wishes, no matter how much he wants to have sex with her. But you will need to understand that this is hard for him. And the question I have is, does he see this as a break up of their relationship or just a change in where they are living?
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