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I don't know what I want or need to say, there's just something telling me I need to write for some reason. I'm sure it'll become apparent to me as I write *shrug*.

Breathes still hasn't talked to FWB about changing their relationship. The few times they've gotten together she's been the bitch from hell & he, understandably, doesn't want to deal with adding to her already bad attitude. B.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what I'm going to call her! B.A. for bad attitude! (Sorry A-Team. I like Mr. T. but this nic really fits her.)

He learned, once again, how thoughtless she is as a friend. As I've mentioned he's not so keen on Christmas but really appreciates it when someone puts at least a little thought into a present because it shows they do pay attention and know you. For her present to him she got him a couple of boxes of macaroons! He loves macaroons but he's not seeing the fact that she does at least know that about him. He's seeing the fact she didn't put much thought or effort into a gift for him. To add to the hurt she had the audacity to tell him that she got them AFTER Christmas when they were on sale! This did not go very far towards making him feel loved & special! I love him with all my heart but it tears me up knowing he's upset about something and I'm unable to do anything about it other than hold him & let him know I care.

Possibility's attitude has improved quite a bit. His stress levels have dropped to more acceptable & manageable levels although he may just have a break down if we don't get some play time in soon, lol.

We all got together on NYE, along with a few other people, at Possibility's house. It could have gone better, for sure. There were a few things actually, which could have gone a lot better.

I've got to learn to talk to his wife directly rather than waiting on him to get an answer or reply to a request (his request no less). It seems he gave his wife minimal notice that there would be a bunch of people there. I reminded him numerous times to talk to her, let her know, but I think it was only the day before that he let her know (might have been earlier in the day, not sure). He has started up a FB group for just the five of us so we can keep in contact. Unfortunately it seems I'm the only one who uses it to communicate with the others *sigh*. I posted there today to see if/when we can have another family get together. I'm waiting on that to see if anyone else replies. His wife now knows that's what I'm using it for so hopefully at least she'll reply.

Yes, I know their phone number & am going to have to suck it up and actually use the phone I guess. I HATE talking on the phone. It's an aversion I've had for many years. I don't know why. I don't even like to talk on the phone to Breathes. I guess I prefer the written word or face to face over the phone.

We will figure this out. I suspect it will be me that figures out how to and takes the steps to start rectifying this short coming but that's ok. To put it in perspective we're dealing with ADHD in at least one of them, partial deafness, dyslexia and a mild learning disability in one and all three of them prefer alone time most of the time over cuddle time together. I'm definitely learning about how to deal with different aspects of their personalities. Hopefully I'll be able to carry over what I'm learning into other areas of my life.
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