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I have a feeling that I will always want a swarm of family around me. When PB grows up and leaves home I will still be as busy and never be alone. As I am now. We have 6 or more adults looking after LB and that doesn't include school and other care...! I have to fight to see him every day some days. Ya, we are all together and I like it that way. I wonder if it's because I'm first generation Canadian. My parents had only me and my brother... we did everything together and lived a third of the year in the bush in North western ontario... fly in camps with non one but us there for hundreds of miles.

Off topic, but thanks for getting me to think beyond the child years. I guess we shall see... one day I will be an old timer sitting in my rocker, Mono gone, PN gone.... Derby gone and will be alone. I wonder what that will be like. Maybe I will resort to relationship dynamics that I don't now! possibly... shit, nothing has turned out like I thought it would this far anyway! I always fly by the seat of my pants, but with policies around how to fly... fuck procedure, policy is where its at. Knowing what I value is the bottom line in deciding how and when a loving/sexual/friendly relationship will start and stop.
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