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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
XYZ didn't say she is an exception. She said she is "as bipolar as you can get". You need to stop misquoting her and then responding to those misquoted items. I am sensing quite a bit of belligerence from the your most recent post.

XYZ - PM someone such as myself if you feel inclined to be "defensive" as suggested above. You don't need the aggravation right now.
Originally Posted by XYZ123 View Post
Ok. Let me try this again since you are obviously not getting it. One more time from the top.

I have bipolar disorder. I suffer from bipolar 1 with both manic and depressive symptoms. To the high I have actually hallucinated and lost time and to the low I have attempted suicide. I am in no way an "exception". I am as bipolar as a person can get and manage to live life outside hospital walls. I only manage to live life because I have done alot of work in becoming self aware of my symptoms, learned to ask for help, and sought out therapy and medication. And I manage healthy, reciprocal, loving relationship on various levels better than many "normal" people I know.

I am not upset at you discussing "bipolar people" nor do I feel "targeted". I am upset when someone labels an unstable person who has no formal diagnosis as bipolar and then lists many very negative traits to describe this person. It's no different than when a woman kills her children and the first thing people start saying is "she must be bipolar". As if all bipolars are just monsters lurking in human skin waiting for the next psycho mood swing. You have no idea the work I've had to do to get people to not see me that way. Unless you are a psychologist (which I'm halfway through studying to become BTW) please do not "read a book" and feel you can label people and have no one offended by it. I do not "take up the defense" of every bipolar person. There are actually several I know personally and dislike because they refuse to do anything about it. If she is diagnosed as bipolar, carry on. However, if she is not, just please drop the labeling. This is all I ask.

As far as how "compassionate" you are, you seem to mention this alot. If you have forgiven her for all her wrongdoing and cruelty to you, why is every post in every thread you write dripping with how horrible she was and how wonderful you are? You are certainly not showing any compassion to me, nor are you even quoting me correctly. Maybe you need to work on communication.

(Yes, that last paragraph was just being snippy. This is the first time anything on this forum has made me angry. )

YGirl - I am no psychologist or doctor. The collective traits of what I have observed & endured with the Ex are what I found under the Bipolar umbrella.

In the end Bipolar is just a word that implies X number of characteristics. Not everyone may or may not have the same charcaters.

I am not doing clinical diagnosis nor trying to put my argument over yours.. You can definitely know more about Bipolar than me.. But I know little..
That little is clear in terms of what I have identified.

Should I outline the specific examples of what all the lady from my life did in 7 years....? That would be hard. Way too many things to point out.

I chose the closest word that I could to capture that.

We live in a world of labels. They dont mean anything. They just imply generalizations.
About dropping the Bipolar label? .. Find me a better one that encompasses all the characters I've identified on this page and I will use it.

I apologize for my limited vocabulary as well as offending you as a side-effect.

On one hand there is XYZ who is seeking help for herself and aware of herself and treating herself. Which is a good thing.

On the other hand there was my Ex who no matter how much myself or anyone tried to help, she would just not want any. Did not want to grow out of it.

Was she medically diagnosed as bipolar? I dont know. In the country where this happened not many people go to shrinks.
I think she might have.. But its something her or her family would never bring up.

Given how naive & simple minded I was at the time.. It was stupid of me to love & trust like I did.

But whats funny is my spiritual journey has helped me come to terms with accepting who she was and why she was that way. I hope & pray that she grows out of it (whatever IT is.. BiPo or Manic Dep.. etc) someday like you are doing... helping yourself.

Would I go through the same again? NO.
Would I warn someone going through the same again? ... YES.

That is the point of this discussion... Not the term Bipolar and/ or what connotations it implies.

That is why I posted.
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