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might get better answers if you ask her.

But, for me, having JUST encountered this question for the second time.

It was no big deal to me for Maca (dh) to share our bed with another woman when I was in Washington (as was all of my stuff, we were supposed to be moving there).

But, we didn't move, now that's my room with all of my stuff.

I COULD move the most meaningful things to GG's room, but that would be bothersome for Maca... at the same time, just because HE'S comfortable enough to move to sex doesn't mean I'm comfortable enough to share my personal space with someone.

I don't know the person as well as he does, I don't have a friendship with her and I don't build relationships as quickly as him. Therefore, it's nothing to do with HIM-were she just walking into my life-she wouldn't be close enough to me to be sleeping in my room or being in my space without me there.

Therefore-it's not reasonable for her to be in my personal space yet. Period.

SO-they can use a hotel. If a hotel isn't feasible, then they'll have to figure something else out.

In your situation-you are comfortable, that's awesome, but since it would seem that she isn't, maybe it would be a good idea to ask her what exactly it is that is making her uncomfortable in order to address what would be comfortable for her.
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