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Point made Fidelia.

The only reason I posted was when I read this thread I was shocked to find it match up word for word what I had been through with the ex & her patterns. Its as if he was describing ME & HER.

PS: I am not doing any straight off "bipolar" judgement on anyone. I dont know about mentally unstable women who killed her children etc. I used the word based on my assessment of the woman I was with & all the traits outlined here.

Compassion & forgiveness does not mean that one repeat mistakes and let others fall into the same trap.

I forgave her 3 times for cheating on me & stayed with her. 4th time forgiveness after having broken up was done via compassion.. knowing that she is a victim of insecurity from her past. Compuslive lying for 7 years.. It burns you. For a long time I hated her guts.. But I've since realized its just baggage I have to carry... So forgiveness & compassion were in order.

"Before you enter the temple, You must forgive" - Jesus (...I think I read this in the Power of Now)

My goal was to help the gentleman by sharing a RELATED experience with a very SIMILAR girl. I dont see any point in arguing about the term "bipolar". I am no doctor.. (I based my assessment on this).

Love love.

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