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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
sounds like the same basic struggle that Maca is dealing with.
He has this real issue with wanting to "have someone too". Ironically-he's got girls chasing him around corners, but he doesn't see that as being comparable to me not having guys chasing me around the corners (I don't go anywhere TO get chased). He figures if I went somewhere, they'd be chasing so it's the same.
But-it bothers him that I have GG and he has "no one".

At the same time, everytime "someone" comes along who MIGHT be able to become "another one" over time..... he rushes into sex and then gets rid of them because "they only want me for sex."........

I keep tilting my head in curiosity. I can't understand why he can't just enjoy meeting people, getting to know them as people and then see what happens OVER TIME.

I met GG April 9th, 1993.
We spent 3-5 days a week together outside of work, and we worked together 5 days a week....

It was summer of 1995 before things took a turn towards sex.
That was a one time moment.

We continued to be friends and remain in close contact for years. It was 2001 or 2002 before our relationship turned romantic/sexual.

Seriously, that time of building a friendship IS the reason we're in love with each other (and not in lust).... because we fell in love with the deeper parts of who we are.

Ok-that wasn't meant to be a rant Derby.

On a side note-I'd be happy to tell you how beautiful you are while I'm visiting-and even though I'm bi-I don't want sex, so you can enjoy the attention without the concern that I want you for your body.

I worry about this my self. Seeing my husband with with his GF makes me feel wonderful but I often think about having someone else too. I don't really have anyone in mind and I am not actively looking. I worry about my husband and who he will deal with it. Up until he met his GF we had been swingers. This is really new to both of us but we are doing our research and readying other people's stories. We both feel like not only does this life make sense to us but we think it would be a great fit for our life. I worry that just because his head tells him it is ok I don't know if his feelings will agree.
I don't want to rush into anything I don't even do that when it is just sex. I defiantly can't rush into something when our feelings are involved. I see how happy H and his GF are and how happy H and I are and I want to share that with someone else.

Sorry it is so long and random. Just been thinking about this lately.
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