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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
No one in my family or Maca's has "rejected" us. They mostly think I'm crazy-but they always have, so it's all good.

GG's family has outright rejected us and they don't even KNOW we're poly. They only know that Maca and I's youngest child is biologically GG's. That was enough to send them over the roof-even though it was all consensual AND we offered to allow them to retain family relationships with her.

BUT-fuck 'em.

I love GG. I don't rightly give a damn what they think. If they loved him the way I do, they would accept him even though they don't understand him. I have to do that damn near to every day.
LOL! You sound like 2Rings. He says, "I want their acceptance, but I don't need it." I so appreciate that no matter what anyone else thinks or opines about us, he is determined to make it work because I make him happy, and KT makes him happy, and no one else really matters in that sense. He is a determined, unwavering fella. And always makes me laugh and feel better about the future. His optimism is energizing.
And so is your's LR!
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