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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
GG is mono-very very mono, a lot like Mon.

He doesn't socialize in the poly group much. He pretty much limits any interest at all to Mon & RP.

He's a pretty open and social person in "real life" but he hasn't a lot to talk about in terms of polyamory, because there isn't anything about BEING poly that remotely interests him.

On the other hand, he gets a LOT of flack from people in the monogomous world who think he's just getting used.

So-he tends to just not talk about it at all.

For example, I went to his work xmas party with him. He introduced me as his girlfriend. But no explanation about the fact that I'm also happily married. I keep wondering what will happen if I see these people in public and I'm hanging on Maca's arm......

So far that hasn't happened, but the truth is-it's only a matter of time, it's not a very big place we live in.
Getting a lot of flack from the monogamous world is what I have been dealing with via Kat and 2Rings. It is most frustrating to get to a certain level and then get pushed back because of outside pressures from closed-minded, hypocritically judgemental people in our lives-mostly their lives. The mono female in our situation, as most on here know, has struggled mightily. She is trying, very hard to be happy because she so loves 2Rings. However, lots of things have happened and I get so worried that negative input from the outside, traditionally mono world will set us back. Because my social group/s are a bit different and I have handled the outting a bit different with my loved ones -being very selective- I had not had to deal with any rejection...skepticism yes more about the possibility of successful poly relationships...but not complete rejection. So it is very hard to come across close loved ones in their lives that COMPLETELY reject the idea of me. It also makes me very anxious and resentful. My initial reaction is "shut those people out"...don't let them in our lives (his life). But, then I relaize their ignorance is because of perspective, misinformation and misplaced bias as to we have to pick sides. I need to let them get to know me for me. Not as a "homewrecker" and some kind of predator who has lured 2Rings into a relationship. So not the case! Since they do not know most of my love's sexual background, nor do they really know how our relationship developed they are not making informed decisions about me, or us.
It is tough.

I'm absolutely not convinced.
I think relationships stand on their own.
LR I totally agree with this! No difference in how the individual relationships work whether as a mono or poly.

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