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My nickname was Carla but my husband and I started joking that I was his Karma, all the good AND bad things he has done in his life coming back to him! So we decided to combine the 2 and call me Carma (not to mention that Karma was already taken on here ) The nickname exonerates me from all guilt with him, it seems! Because yes there are bad times but I think it really does even out. Also, he was a TOTAL heartbreaker in his past, right up to the moment he met me, and he did a complete turn-around. He spoils me rotten!

I should add 101010 to my nickname because that's the date we decided we were going to be a traid -- three "10"'s coming together, where everyone wins!

This is a fascinating thread -- thanks so much RP, I feel like I know you all now!
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