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Default Evidently Wikipedia is Anti-Poly

This was posted on a site today about this performer and her song
Evidently Wikipedia is Anti-Poly

by Matt Troy 1 minute ago

"So my primary found this really neat poly song "Boyfriends Girlfriend" by Must Be Tuesday, a regional signer/songwriter from Canada. It can be seen on youtube at

So I went to Wikipedia to find out more about this Must Be Tuesday whom I had never heard article. Thats odd, wikipedia has almost everything. And I saw that someone had requested an article on her and yet nothing.

So I created an article for her with the information that i had, albeit not much, mostly paraphrased from the artists website.

Within six minutes of creation the article was tagged for deletion.

Hrm...Evidently Wikipedia is anti-poly. I guess I wont be donating to them anymore."
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