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Originally Posted by belleisle View Post
I know a man who is married and plays with as many woman as he can.
his wife does not know of this lifestyle and he indulges in it away from home.
he says he cares deeply about all his partners, although he is constantly searching for more.He is currently playing with 5 or 6 and looking for more.
is this Polyamory or something else?
You obviously haven't read ANYTHING on this forum.

I'm a little confused why you would go out of your way to research this question on someone else's behalf and not even attempt to do a little reading before asking such a basic question.

Ordinarily, I might be a little more gentle with you if you came here with your own crisis, not thinking straight and needing help. But this is someone else's problem, not yours (unless you are one of the women he is fucking - in which case, to answer your question, NO, it is NOT polyamory, it is a CHEATING AFFAIR).

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