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Default thank you all!

I really love you all right now I was reluctant at the beginning to post, but the support is unbelievable. I will try to get them to read some other post because each of us have to deal with different issues and seeing how other people deal with their own, gives you a bigger picture.

Sometimes you just need someone from the outside to tell you how it looks. Trying to solve all on your own not always works.

We all got to talk, express fears, desires, give support and understanding, and show that we all want the same at the end, but are only afraid. It was not a nice talk by far, but it it's helping us grow.

It's still the beginning, and there's still a long way ahead, but I would have been silently keeping it all inside if not for you all.

Now I have a new question. How to deal with shared times? Do schedules work? or they take away spontaneity?
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