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Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
I think you'll find most people in the monogamy world go into most relationships hoping it will be "one that lasts forever".
Well, shit yeah, but that rarely happens. I didn't say no one hopes for it, just that lots of relationships are obviously not meant to last forever; otherwise, they would. My point was that the end of a relationship doesn't mean it failed, only that it ended. And relationships end for various and sundry reasons. It isn't "usually" due to one of the people having found someone else, and that caused it to end, which is what you were saying earlier in the thread.
Length of relationship might have some impact on how long some people wait.
Yeah, that's one of those formulas I mentioned.

Most people in or associated with the poly community are far from normal (in what I believe is a good way) and hence our personal experiences shouldn't be included in any generalization I feel.
I don't know what you mean here. I am new to poly and only basing what I say on my lifelong experience as a mono person. And my point is you can't really generalize, anyway, but your conclusions seem really off to me.
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