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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
First of all, just because a relationship ends does not mean it wasn't a success. Not every relationship is meant to last forever.
I think you'll find most people in the monogamy world go into most relationships hoping it will be "one that lasts forever". I'm not sure what the culture is where you are at but besides people who are "bachelors for life" everyone I know that is mono is like this. It is also the image portrayed in TV and hollywood. I believe it is the norm.

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Second of all, one can't really generalize that mono people jump right into something new. That is actually the opposite of the general mindset I see, which is you need to give yourself a certain time to heal before starting over with someone else. I mean, there are even formulas out there for figuring out how long to wait! I started dating again not quite six months after my ex moved out, and am still self-conscious about how soon that was. Most people do react as if I shouldn't be dating yet, when I say how fresh my breakup is, so I don't know what you base your theories on. Maybe it's a regional or cultural thing.
Length of relationship might have some impact on how long some people wait. Has your ex moved on already? Most people in or associated with the poly community are far from normal (in what I believe is a good way) and hence our personal experiences shouldn't be included in any generalization I feel.

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