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Default Daniel Carter Beard

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I imagine old school Baden Powell; scouts dressed in uniform around a fire chanting the scouts vow. Then going off in the woods to learn about knot tying and how to build shelters from a piece of string and a tarp.

I grew up in the scouting movement. Both parents were very involved. They were in their wedding even. This is a whole new take for me!
My dad and my brothers and I were involved as well. Dad ran the camp kitchen for years. He collects all manner of handbooks, but this exert from Daniel Carter Beard (pre-Baden Powell, turn of the century) is by far one of the best examples why...

New Woman on Stilts

"According to the newspapers, walking on stilts is the very latest fashion able amusement of the "new woman " in London. If there is any truth in this statement, it is safe to say that it will not be long before you boys will be called upon to make stilts for your sisters.

There can be little doubt that the time is coming when a book written for boys will be the only one girls will read, or, rather, every book will be written for young people, and will be addressed to both boys and girls.

Just why girls should not walk on stilts or engage in any similar sport no one yet has given a satisfactory answer. Twenty-five years ago the boys used to make stilts with very low blocks for their sisters, and the girls seldom would use them, but insisted upon using their brothers' high-blocked stilts."
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