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Thanks Robin for your comments...

You make a really good point about honesty. I hadn't thought of it this way. You are right, you are being honest - as honest as you can with what you know of yourself at that time. My wife is the same. She is being as honest as she can with what she knows of herself at that time...

It is not easy coping with a situation where you rationally agree but emotionally struggle. Being open about your feelings is helpful. I want to know how my wife feels, but I also don't want her to necessarily project her feelings on to me to fix it. For example, I'm feeling jealous so you have to do something to fix it. Being open about how you are feeling is important and then discussing the implications of what this means and what you need in all of this.

Also, as has been mentioned many times, time does amazing things too...

Thanks too Mono for your words. I agree that the kind of consideration that has been shown has been inspiring to me too...
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