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I have to agree with Maca, interesting answers.

I'm curious-have any of you read about the chemistry that goes on in your brain when you meet a new "potential"?

I ask-because with that information in my head, which I've known for sometime,
there is no way I could consider someone as a potential long term relationship until I'd known them for at least a year.

Mind you-I also had my first child at 16. When things ended with her dad, my whole attitude changed, because each "potential" was also a "potential risk" to my daughter.....

So-I'm just curious about how other people see things.

I knew who Maca was for 10 years. I knew his father VERY well. I still think our "truly getting to know each other to in a committed relationship" went WAY WAY WAY too fast.

I was friends with GG for 2 years, had sex once.
Non-sexual friends for another 5+ years before we become lovers.... .

I've now known Maca for 22 years, together for almost 13.
Known GG for almost 18 years.... "together" for 6 or so...
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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